Creating a UICollectionViewCell to have a dynamic height based on font size and image aspect ratio

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The Problem

Using the extension concept to make your iOS development work easier

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  1. Reduce Massive Controller Problem

Three simple steps to creating a native popup menu without needing any third-party libraries

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Four simple steps to get started with UIScrollView in your iOS App

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  1. contentLayoutGuide
  2. frameLayoutGuide

The Implementation

The easiest way for adding a loading indicator to your asynchronous data view in under 5 minutes without any third-party code

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The Problem

How to add constraints programmatically


What is the problem with the Auto layout?

I want to create four methods :

  1. anchor : to pin a view with four edge
  2. setSize: to set a fixed size for a view
  3. center: to center a view
  4. proportionalSize : to set a percentage size with…

How to add centered UIActivityIndicator in UICollectionView using Autolayout

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